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UTM ;  we are just technically proud to offer our expertise from more than 10 years in the industry sector operating and performing Test Machine Retrofit Services, for all mechanical machinery to electronics. We carry out a specific study of each machine using the best equipment and materials for each project,


Universal Test Machine Retrofitting  consists on updating or upgrading machines that either because of their obsolescence from any of its components or performance level decrease were required to remove from the production line.


Some certification services may indicate high standards that outdated machines do not have and some manufacturers or engineers feel forced to purchase completely new equipment. However, this is not necessary, as UTM can provide the accessories and add-ons needed to accomplish the test procedures at substantial cost savings for the end-user. This may be in the form of software, digital controllers, environmental baths, grips/fixtures, or extensometers. The make or model of the testing machine is designed for static or fatigue testing, or powered by an electric servo motor or hydraulic power unit – will not affect the retrofit process in any consequential way.


The approaches for our Testing Machine Retrofit are from mechanical, to Hydraulic or Servo Hydraulic Test Machines , Electromechanical Test Machines , Special Test Systems  that are used at many sectors such as Aerospace Automative , Rail , Biomedical ……..  etc




Save Money  !!

The high cost of new machinery means that more and more production plants are considering retrofitting their machines once their payback period is over, adding better performance, new

applications and better safety systems and adapting them to the new regulations.

Testing requirements of major organizations such as ASTM, ASME, AASHTO, ISO, DIN, JIS, and others undergo regular changes and continuous revisions as materials

science and its applications evolve. Machines that were designed decades ago may not have the correct capabilities to conduct the test and produce the data required by current and future


UTM we carry out all types of retrofit on Material Testing Machines and we offer you a technical service capable of dealing with any challenge your company may face.




Mechanical Maintenance  

To make existing testing machines suitable for current applications, the test machine modernisations are more efficient and cheaper alternative than buy new test equipment.

In addition to Electronic Control Unit Modernisation, some mechanical maintenances could be required to make efficient the existing test machine.

Mechanical System Modernisation is including following actions:







*** Grips and Fixtures will be checked by specialists.

*** Grips and fixtures will  be repaired or produced new ones.

*** The machine will be painted completely, if required.

*** Loadcells will be checked. If the loadcells don’t work, loadcells will be changed (additional loadcell will be quoted according to types and capacities)

*** If system has any damaged they will repaired or will be produced new ones.

*** The systems hard to use will be designed as ergonomic according to user requirements


Hydraulic Power Unit Modernization


UTM offers hydraulic power unit modernisation, hydraulic element repair or change (if required) service with innovative and high precision components.

Hydraulic Power Unit retrofiting  includes the following transactions:

*** Actuator maintenance

*** Acumulator system maintenance

*** Hydraulic oil tank maintenance

*** Record, pipe and hose maintenance

*** Heat exchanger maintenance

*** Servo valves control, repair or addition

*** Linear position sensor installation

*** Filter maintenance

*** Temperature control system addition

In case servo valves change user can choose the brand of Moog, PTL or Star Hydraulic servo valves.

**** According to user requirements,UTM  engineers design and supply a new hydraulic power unit with proper hydraulic elements.


Data Acquisition System Retrofit 


Software  & Control System Upgrade

Some old  Universal Testing Machines has not any electronic control unit that is suitable for current applications or some old testing machines has inadequate electronic control unit for

current test applications

UTM offers new electronic control panel (with all required electrical components) and new software system to meet fulfill requirement of new system. Our specialists integrate a new electric

control panel that consist of electronik control unit to old testing machine and new test system works with a PC software to control the existing testing machine.

According to situation of existing system that is required to upgrate, servo motor addition, inverter addition, soft starter system integration, using of new drivers

could be stages of the existing test machine modernisation. Electronic control system is choosen by test type to be applied such as dynamic tests, static tests, biaxial tests etc.



UTM  uses Doli EDC Controllers (Made in Germany) and Doli Test & Motion softwares to upgrade the test machines !!!!


EDC220 control systems: 1000 Hz system clock, generally use for static test systems.

EDC580 control systems: 5000 Hz system clock, generally use for static and dynamic test systems.

EDCi20 control systems : 2500 Hz System clock, generally use for static test systems.

EDCi70, EDCi50 control systems : 10000 Hz System clock, generally use for static and dynamic test systems.


**** Contact us for more information, and let’s arrange a visit to your production facility to provide you an assessment Universal  Machine  Retrofitting project !!!!!