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UTM offers a full line of grips and fixtures for materials and product testing. The grips and fixtures that we manufacture  and sell can be used anymanufacturer’s test frames




Holding specimens in the most uniform manner is one of the basic requirements for obtaining reliable and repeatable test results. When selecting the best grips for a particular application there are a number of considerations.


The specimen must be held in such a way that it does not slip within the  grips nor should the specimen break at the jaw.


Alignment of the grips is essential to ensure the forces are applied ‘in axis’ between the loadcell and the test frame. International test standards often define a type of grip to be used, which makes selection straightforward.


However in most cases the choice of grip is often affected by the need to test a wide variety of different specimen shapes and materials.


This situation lends itself to more ‘general purpose’ grips which can be tailoredto several applications by choosing from a number of jaw faces to suit the material or component being held.


Other factors such as throughput of testing and ease-of-use play an important role in deciding which grip to choose. Whilst ‘general purpose’ grips have advantages in terms of flexibility,


it can be time-consuming, particularlywhen testing small batches of differing specimen geometries, to have to change over jaw faces.


In the long run it may be more cost-effective to select dedicated grips for certain applicationsand use the ‘QC’ (quick-change) connection to swiftly exchange complete grips.


If your application requirements are very specific to your product or component and you do not see a ‘standard’ grip, please consult our team of application-engineers who will be happy to use their vast experience to work with you to design and manufacture a custom grip.


No matter the shape, material, and texture of your test specimen, UTM can find a way out properly load it.